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this is some temporary business from way back

someday it will be more more

Me & Mine

Up They Sprung [ my band ]



DJ Galen Wade - Blue Spin



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This is a handmade, homemade website created by me, yours truly, Galen Wade. I am one of I guess a few that share that name, but it is I, creator of little things I give what magic I possess to that maintains this little corner of cyberspace. Did you know that you most likely can't even read these words because I have printed them with white text on a white background - a little trick I hatched years ago just because. So, this me here grew up in Dallas, and Los Angeles, and Dallas, and Los Angeles, and spent time in Rhode Island and Los Angeles, and now lives in Massachusetts (Bless You!) I do my best to make and maintain a positive attitude although sometimes it feels that I am making all this in a vacuum. But I am that kind. I have to make. I am compelled, obsessed, possessed, and forge ahead with little flurries of creative fury. I try, at least, and invite you to give in and give it a spin for it might very well drop you in an unexpected place which is to be welcomed most of the time I think. I haven't written white words in a while so pardon this overfamiliar indulgence. Peace.